Dec 26, 2008

Lingering Christmas Joy

This picture, is from my aunts bay window decor. It was so pretty. I just wanted to show her big snowman. The picture is from an early extended family get together.

On Christmas morning, Marley and I were the first ones up and about. We sat in front of the Christmas tree at my daughters and just stared at the lights. She was cooing and kicking and blinking after she got focused in. It was so precious. The house started to come to life after awhile, coffee brewing, Santa presents to open. We were all so exhausted from our great Christmas Eve. Super food, opening presents, eating, eating again and playing Wii. It was like a the Stimpson Olympics in bowling, tennis, and lot's of other stuff. Grandpa woke up with a sore shoulder and chest muscle. All our guys are super competitive. Giggle! Mostly we just laughed at each other and ourselves. Christmas day evening, Marley came to our house, while a big group of family and friends went to the movie Marley and Me. LOL John and I were entertained with every little thing our precious M did. Which was mostly sleep eat and change diapers. I've included a picture of her telling grandpa a bedtime story.

Looks more like she's dancing. Well, until later. Hug :o)P

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Tolentreasures said...

What an adorable little girl! She looks like her Mommy. I can't imagine what we did all these years without babies around, how did we entertain ourselves?