Dec 18, 2008

My Favorite Girls

Marley's mommy and grandpa Jay are huge Vikings fans. So ... I had to share this darling picture of my favorite girls.
I have been down yesterday and today. Sinus, ear , off balance (no comments), not dizzy, hard to describe. I just can't move around fast, and I was scared to drive, so I'm here on the couch again. Yuck! I hope to feel good enough to at least find some stitching to do. But ... it's hard even squinting to type. Anyone ever put a heating pad on their face? LOL Hug, :o) P


Tami said...

What a cutie!

Sorry that you are not feeling well, will keep you in my prayers that you are feeling better soon!


pammiejo said...

I stumbled upon your blog looking at Char's Pickled Pepper Patch. What caught my eye was your name - same as mine only you used a "y" and I used an "ie". I assume you're a "Pamela Jo" like me. Fun to take a look at your blog. Get to feeling better! Pam

Tami said...


Thanks for enterinng my giveaway and I have added your name in the hat!

Viola said...

So sweet! Hope you`re feeling better!
Wishing you and your family a very Merry Christmas, Pammyjo!!
And also a wonderful creative 2009!

Tins and Treasures said...

Great photo. My hubby and daughter's BF love the Vikings too...great finish to the game yesterday, wasn't it?!!