Dec 2, 2008

A Lot of Wrapping

Good morning. I've had an extra long, wonderful weekend. Our family shopping trip was very productive and super fun. Our only mess up was a little extra loop, of Des Moines, that got us a half hour off track and a different route home. But ... we made the best of it. I was better at that than my traveling companions. They are freeway bugs, and I tried to point out the good things about traveling a tiny bit slower and on two lane highways. They weren't buying it. Giggle! Marley did wonderful, but as expected she slept through most of the adventure. I'm actually 90 percent done now, because my hubby and I traveled to Iowa City to put the finishing touch on the list yesterday. He and I hadn't had a day together for quite awhile. We really enjoyed it alot. He keeps me focused, and we got him some new clothes that he puts off and puts off. Now ... back to the real world of work. Have a great week. Hugs, :o) P

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