Jan 23, 2009

I Fancy Floss These Days

I'm really enjoying cross stitch these days. I haven't quite finished my sampler and I got side tracked on two new patterns. I couldn't wait to start my new prim Staci Nash pattern. It was a free download from Pattern Mart. I just love her primitive designs. I'm going to be surfing for some this afternoon. I want to buy a couple. I also went to a local craft store that is going out of business in Burlington. It has been there for decades. I got some great bargains, and stocked up on a few new Gentle Arts floss. Love them. I got some cross stitch linens and great prim colors of cross stitch fabric. I couldn't resist this Lizzie Kate pattern so it came home with me too. Both have worked up quickly, so I can get back to my beloved sampler. I used Char's prim staining and on the Emma cross stitch it baked up nice and evenly. I probably should redo for a bit more grundge, but I like it. I'm going to make a little pillow pinkeep.
This post includes questions. Are you drawn more to blogs with pictures? Do you like to hear about the artists life and art, or just their art? Just my inquiring mind wanting to know, LOL.


Char said...

I am fancing floss too these days...in the process of making some stitcheries for my laundry room...as it is always the last to be decorated!

Tami said...

You almost make me want to get back into cross stiching again...but there is the knitting that I have yet to finish!

Love pictures, they help you see what is being talked about.

Have a wonderful blessed weekend!

picture.girl said...

I love pics. I like to hear about art and life. Makes the artist more real...... LOL.

Melissa said...

Hi PammyJo-
Stop by my blog for a suprise!!!!!