Jan 25, 2009

Sunday Stitches

I have completed another small and have started another cross stitch. It's become addictive. I think it's because I don't want to tramp through the 4 or more inches of snow we've gotten, to my studio. Holy Monkeys, when will it end? LOL I am getting a lot of chores done too. There is always something. I try to keep up during the week so I can creativly crash out on the weekends.
I'm including a new picture of my Princess of Joy. She is getting cuter and more fun everyday. My daughter, the photographer extrodinaire, took these darling photos. Taylor wanted princess pics with her tutu and high tops. Giggle. Not her grammy's and I choice, but now we LOVE 'em. I hope you all have a wonderful fun creative week. Hug, :o)P


Tami said...

Love the little tutu pic so cute!
What precious gift she is! You sure going to town on the cross stiching.

I'm working on a cards today I have a couple special orders to fill. I hope to get back to knitting soon....I would like to finish the scarf that I started.

Have a great day!

Bren said...

Isn't she too cute!! You are stitching away aren't you? Did you do those all this weekend? I've started another one too, a freebie from primitivebetty.
Hugs, Bren

Linda said...

That is such a gorgeous photo Pammyjo! And your cross stitching is delightful too...
Linda x
PS You are in the draw.

Kaz Scrapz said...

What a little darling!

Just wanted to you to know you won the Scrapz Valentine challenge. Let you know your address Pammy and I will send of your prize stamps (email address to karen@scrapz.co.uk). Congratulations - your card was gorgeous.
xx Karen