Jan 10, 2009

New Year Groove

I am ready to embrace what life and 2009 have to offer. 2008 was a roller coaster ride, big ups (our little Marley joined the family) and some real downers (my daughter’s health). I feel a deep sense of gratitude, optimism and hope, I feel truly blessed. Sometimes you have to move forward with out the support of those who once marched to the same drummer. My little drummer is beating a fun creative tune now. My muse is singing funky tunes. Giggle. I’m going to reach out to more people this year. If we all reach out to people we care for (and to people we don't know who could be possible friends) I think we can make a difference to this world of ours. It’s such a joy, to stumble across a blog that inspires you. You connect through comments and a friendship of the heart begins. It’s amazing. The talent that is available for inspiration can not be measured. Some times you feel like you’re going to burst with it! I've fallen in love with fun and I'm going to keep flitting from one creative thing to another (with some domestic goddess things thrown in). No maid, LOL.
I'm getting my Valentine love groove on. What else should I put in my bowl of hearts? Thanks Brenda C. for the new wooden bowl. I love it! It looks great with my oval one. Hug, :o) P


Kaz Scrapz said...

Gorgeous valentine hearts Pammyjo. I love your resolution for 2009 - Embrace what life has to offer - Perfect! I hope your 2009 is one constant UP ride, filled with good health, joy, laughter and love.
x Karen

Tolentreasures said...

Good for you! We should all enjoy life everyday! I love your hearts in the bowl and did you make your yo-yo runner?


Kaz Scrapz said...

Hi Pammyjo - quick answer to your question about the valentine challenge - any type of card you like (greeting card or Art card - I don't mind). I do hope you can join in. xx Karen

picture.girl said...

I think cute chocolate candies would make the bowl of love complete..... :)