Jan 6, 2009

Counted Stitches and Prayer Request

It's been ages since I've cross-stitched. I use to do it endlessly. I love doing it, but other interests took over. I've always wanted to do a sampler. This was a free download and with my Irish heritage I thought, time to get my threads out. I particularly like this pattern because it is monochromatic. All one color. I am using two threads on 32 count Irish linen. One each of two different greens. I didn't have variegated in a color I liked so I made my own, well kind of. I'm not very far, but will keep you posted. I plan on prim staining in the end. I should have saved this for "whatcha working on Wednesday" but ... not sure I'll have time tomorrow, so here it is. I need to get more up on ebay again. I became quite good at being lazy through the holidays. LOL
I would like to ask for your prayers, my co-workers daughter has been diagnosed with a cancerous inoperable brain tumor, part of which is affecting her optic nerve. They are beginning radiation tomorrow, attempting to shrink it to an operable size. She will be having radiation five days a week for 5 weeks at the U of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics. Her name is Sally Mae and she is just 4 years old. She is from a family with strong Christian faith and I know that God has her in his hands. They are a peace with God's promises and know he will be with them every step of the healing process. Our God is an awesome God. Sincerely, thanks! Hug, :o) P


Tami said...

I use to love to cross stiching but have not done any in years.

I will keep Sally Mae in my prayers.

Hugs~ Tami

Linda said...

Thanks for your kind comments Pammyjo. Enjoy your cross-stitching, but don't get neck-ache (it always does that to me!)
I really hope Sally Mae makes good progress.
PS Love the new blog look - great header!!!

Connie said...

Just found your blog via your comment on ours at thingswithwingsartjournal. We live in Ia City and we will pray for Sally Mae. Your work looks fun and that Marley is beautiful! Connie