Jan 1, 2009

New Year — New Things for Creating

Happy New Year! Well, I finished my two stitching projects ahead of time. New Years Eve day found me on the couch still, so ... stitching done. Pillows or framed? Hmmm. Later in the afternoon, I started feeling allot better. Voice was audible! Showered and off to Burlington I went. New year ... new stuff. I went a little crazy at the 50% off sale at Hobby Lobby. I have been wanting these punches for quite awhile. Forgot to put them on my Christmas list, so what's a girl to do. Happy New Year to me. LOL. I'm a sap for new papers. Everything pictured was half off. Yipppeee!
Well all that tired me out, after dinner with my daughter, son-in-law and a couple friends + my sweet darling Marley, I was home early and so wanted to see the ball drop. But, I didn't make it.
My husband had gone on down to our cabin in Missouri, where we originally planned a New Year party with several couples. I just didn't have enough go to get there. He plugged away without me, so as not to ruin the plans. We kept in touch by phone and I think I got the feel for their merriment, and still got my rest and another day of my antibiotics down. Needless to say, all worked out and we are off to a wonderful new year. He'll be home and says he's whisking me away on Saturday for some fun, if I keep getting better. We always manage to have fun doing something. Well, I'm out to the studio, straightening up again, and thinking through some projects. Until later, Hug P


Bren said...

Looks like you got some fun goodies. What will you make? I know it will be awesome.
Happy New Year!

Hugs, Bren

Char said...

I love the stitcheries...happy new year!

Linda said...

Hi Pammyjo - looks like you had fun shopping....I love those punches! I've been catching up on your blog and it sounds like you had a wonderful Christmas (apart from the ear problems, poor you).
Hope you have a wonderful 2009...
Linda x

Melissa said...

Hi Pammyjo!
Looks like you got some fun goodies there! I love Hobby Lobby when things are on sale! Happy Creating!