Jan 4, 2009

New Year Baby

Well our little Marley woke up just a few minutes past midnight to ring in the new year. Her celebration didn't last long, as a changed diaper and she was back in dream land. Giggle! She didn't like her first shots this week, it made her mommy and Nana sad too, but Marley made it through like a trooper. Just have to share the sweetness.
I have gotten a little bit of creating done in the studio. Some fun pieces with a little Valentine muse going on. Our garage has been put on a bit of a hold ... winter weather. I so want to spread out in my studio, but, there are items that can't be moved until the garage is done.
I am really enjoying my Artful Blogging from Stampington.
I got the subscription from my daughter for Christmas. I read, read, and become inspired to try new things.
Hurry up Spring. :o) Pj

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Viola said...

What a sweetie! Happy New Year, Pammyjo! :o)