Jan 18, 2009

I got to snuggle and kiss the cutest tiny toes Friday night. Marley came to stay all night a G-grammy's house. It was such a joy for G-Grampa and I. She loves it when Grampa makes a blubbering fool of himself. She grins and shrieks, wiggles and squirms. It's so funny. She is such a snuggler and loves when someone tells her stories and sings silly little songs. She is our little princess of joy.

While she slept, I managed to get a few stitches in, because I have the best chef/hubby in the world, and he cooked. I'm pretty sure she's a creative spirit to. I can just sense it. Giggle.

I've included a progress pic of my cross-stitch project. I'm loving it, but it's easier in the daylight. Have a wonderful creative week. No more below O here, so they say. :o) Hug! P


Tolentreasures said...

That is coming along so nicely, what a lot of work though. Glad that you got to spoil your little princess! I love their little toes!


Tami said...

Adorable little feet! The sampler is looking wonderful....love the color.

Have a very special day!

Hugs~ T