Jan 14, 2009

Whatcha Workin' On Wednesday

Well as you can see I haven't gotten far on my Irish sampler. I haven't had much time. But, hopefully I'll get a few more stitches in tonight. I'm going to use Char's staining/dying technique to age it (The Pickled Pepper Patch).
We enjoyed our grandson's Christmas program last night. It was postponed from before Christmas. It was really nice, but ... L O N G. Most are not very accomplished in band at 4, 5 and 6th grade. Sometimes it was almost painful to sit through, but I would not miss it for anything. Giggle~I'm sure any grandparents out there know where I'm coming from LOL. I hope the rest of the week holds snippets of joy for you. I will be sharing a photo soon of a Christmas present/decoration that didn't make it into the storage box. So ... I've decided to keep her active in other holidays through the year. She will be appearing periodically here in blogland. Thanks, Sassy, I really have plans for this funny little snow girl. Hug :o) P

1 comment:

Char said...

I love how the sampler is turning out!...you will enjoy the primitive stain look once your sampler is complete...it gives it such a nice aged look....char