Jan 11, 2009

Sunday...Part II

I'm back. I wanted to show the progress on my paper and canvas playing. So far so good. I'm looking for a way to antique my cover varnish. Then I'm thinking about how to hang it, or mount it. It's two 8 x 8 canvas'. I also thought about mounting to a bigger canvas and painting it in contrast or fabric looking. More embellishment, but I'm winding down. Have a great work week. Hug, :o) P


Char said...

To age your varnish ontop your canvas...first, I use a water based varnish from Delta...let dry thoroughly...then I take a crackle paint and put ontop that...then I take some antiquing gel or watered down burnt umber paint and apply overtop the crackle....and wipe off....it just sticks inside the "cracks" and ages the canvas nicely...try it on a piece of canvas first...but, it really works nicely.

pammyjo said...

Thanks Char. I bet that will be perfect and I have Delta varnish already. I think I have some crackle too. I'll give it a shot. Have you ever used beeswax finish? Some encaustic painters do. I want to try that someday too.

Tolentreasures said...

I have done what Char mentioned also, works good. You could also try brown shoe polish. I have used that over varnish. Rub it on with a pretty good covering and then buff it off where you want and allow it to dry. I have also mixed wax with burnt umber oil paint for antiquiing. I love you canvases. They are so nice!