Feb 15, 2009

Hmmm ... What Next?

Good morning my fellow bloggers. Just dropping by to share what's in my hoop and what's just come off of it. Yep ... a Halloween moon is almost done. I completed another Stacey Nash pattern and added some stitches to it. I'm thinking frame for this one. I did it in monochrome, using The Gentle Art thread called Rasberry Parfait. I wanted it to resemble faded redwork. It's a little lighter in color that I thought it would be, but I like it after all.

The Halloween moon is from The Prairie Schooler, "When Witches Go Riding" charts. I want to do the black cat also. I hope someday to do more from it, but I just wanted to get a little Halloween out of my creative way. When I bought it, I just had to stitch something from it. Another part of my flitting around. The fun part. LOL
And now a new pic of my Angel of Joy. She has had a really bad cold, and finally feeling better. While she managed to smile and spread her little sparkle even when sick. She's back to enjoying herself. She coos and talks her special little language. It's getting louder and louder and she likes hearing what comes out. She entertains herself very well. Giggle!

I'm having the urge to get back to a little painting. Hmmm ... what will it be? Well enjoy your Sunday and have a creative week. Until later, :o) P


picture.girl said...

You are incrediable. How do you find the time to keep going from one project to the next. I need some inspiration.

Tolentreasures said...

Very nice stitcheries! and what an adorable little girl, aren't they the best?


Shanda said...

You do some nice needle work. I would like to, but I can't sit still long enough.

Thanks or taking the time to stop by and say hi. Love hearing from readers.