Mar 21, 2009

Saturday Sharing — Freebies

Well the first day of Spring is here and we have sunshine and decent temps. Just the idea of all that SPRING entails makes me happy. My yard is a mess from the building or our new garage, but it's turning green and I can get out and get things picked up. Not much more and my new big patio will be a reality also. Yippeee!
I scanned some items from some old needlework magazines and another picture from my McGuffey Readers. I just wanted to share.

The little girl and her dog just caught my eye. It's from a story published in Ladies Home Journal, January 1921. Isn't it wonderful. The other scan is from The McGuffey reader. I thought all you wool art people would like this one. It scanned really well. Enjoy. Keep creating! Hug, :o) P

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Tami said...

It is sunny here too, but I am still getting over being sick. I so need to get out for awhile but not for another day or two.

Cute images! Thanks for sharing!
Have a beautiful day!