Mar 17, 2009

Watcha Workin' On? and Prim Easter

I have been having so much fun the last several days. I've started a Halloween cross-stitch prim, I've just finished another pincushion top, I made some funky fabric eggs and chicks for my treenware bowl.I'm just creating away. I'm thinking it's the super weather we've been having. It was 75 degrees here along the banks of the Ol' Mississippi River.
I'm in charge of American Cancer Society Daffodils Days on our Health Systems campus. The local chair told me I have raised well over 16,000 dollars in the last 8 years. I usually average over 2,000 per year. Whew...who knew. I have hospital volunteers help me deliver them all over in the hospital and adjoining office buildings and clinics. Anyway,they were a little late arriving, but worth the wait. There is yellow everywhere we could put a vase too. They are so pretty and a sign that the weather is turning wonderful. Another reason for a good mood.
I also want to mention that Brenda at Bren's Busy Hands on my side bar is preening her creative wings. We have been working on getting her to spread those wings with a surprise. Watch her blog for more details. She makes the cutest prims.
Well, I've rattled on long enough. Have a creative rest of the week AND Happy St. Patrick's Day! Hug, :o) P


Tami said...

Cute eggs!! Sounds like a spring filled day at your home!

Have a great week!!

Bren said...

Love those eggs and that prim stitchery is awesome. Can't wait tot see your pinkeep. Have a Great Day.
Hugs, Bren

Melissa said...

Hi PammyJo-
Please send your address to:
I still have the pennant, but I never did receive your address.
I'll get it to you as soon as I get your address.
The goodies look yummy!

basketsnprims said...

Love the stuff you've been working on. I love Stacy's patterns too. Happy Spring.

basketsnprims said...

Well, of course you can add me to your blog list & I'm adding you right now if it's OK with you?? Love your stitcheries ~ you sure seem to get them done fast. Have a great weekend.