Apr 24, 2009

Free Black Bird Pattern Contest

Well, I decided to set my needle on the sampler pattern from Black Bird designs. It is such a neat chart and it's fun to see how they all come out different. Just copy and paste this link into your address bar, and you will be visiting a wonderful blog http://blackbird-designs.blogspot.com/ There is a link to the pattern on their April 14 post. Above is my progress. I'm using a hand dyed 28 count linen that I dyed and antiqued. It softened and is fun to stitch on. I'm using WDW Raspberry Parfait. It's the most awesome color for doing red work. I'm hooked on it and the Geranium color. It gives the piece a neat antique look. I also finished up my little spring bird sampler from a Beth Twist pattern. Both will be going into my gathering I'm working on.

Well, I'm looking forward to a great weekend, a lot to do. I want to touch base with my friend from Brens Busy Hands. She and her husband are going to be in Taladega(?) at the NASCAR race this weekend. Maybe she'll run into my friend Vicki and her husband from Iowa. They are huge fans too. LOL Always on the go! The closer my J and I get to retirement the more we are on the go. I thought we were suppose to slow down. We have to much we want to do, while not all requires travel, we love doing our thing. Both of us are looking forward to next weekend with friends and family on a junk/antique/treasure destination in Iowa. I'll let ya know how it goes. Keep creating, stuff, fun, family memories and good times. :o) Hug, P


Tami said...

Of course you know that I love the blue bird....very cute!!

Have a wonderful weekend with family and friends! Hope you find some good treasures!


Tammy said...

Both projects look fantastic--love the red color you are stitching the alpha sampler with!

Linda said...

Your work is beautiful Pammyjo...I especially like the way you've dyed some with tea and coffee...and vanilla? Must smell yummy!
Linda x

Tolentreasures said...

Love your stitcheries, they are beautiful.


plain*worker*primitives said...

Yep, your stitches are so beautiful.

Hope you have a great week :)


Kath said...

Hi PammyJo!
Thanks so much for stopping by and visiting...Love your blog!
This is my first visit to yours as well :)
Your granddaughter is so precious! I am so excited about becoming a grammy. I wanted to thank you for your prayers and for taking the time to visit me! :) Hope to get to know ya better!!

I'll add you to my blogroll...

Have a beautiful weekend!


Anonymous said...