May 17, 2009

A Quiet Sunday

It's so quiet around the studio. I can hear the whirl of the lawn mowers and kids down the block at the park. It's the most delightful day. I treasure these days, because, I'm working in the lower level of a regional medical center. I do have windows to our inner courtyard, but it's not the same as having your windows open and the breeze and birds chirping. I know you all know what I mean. But ... I work to support my artsy creative whims, so I'm thankful that it's a fun job and I have super co-workers.
So far today I've started and finished an unusual item. My friend Lauri got 3 ostrich eggs from her in-laws. OMgosh they are enormous. She gave me two, if I would paint her little boy one. So after much procrastination, the pictures are below. It was so fun. I used a ratty old child's book and cut out the bunny. I decoupaged it to the painted egg. I then painted the bunny and the bits and bobs on it. It ended up being so fun to paint. A little difficult with the shape, I just painted it whimsical and cute for a cute little guy! Lauri is having several people to paint an egg she gives them. Then when completed, she is going to fill a huge basket with the eggs. It will nee to be a big one. LOL. A friends little girl said she thinks it's cool how little puddles of paint turn into a bunny and swirls. I never thought about it, but I kind of find it amazing myself. Giggle!
Well until next post ... keep creating. Hugs, :O)P


Tolentreasures said...

How cute! I am off to make a decoupaged project today also! Hope that creativity flows....could you send me some good vibes?


picture.girl said...