Jun 14, 2009

Nope It's Not Nemo

Having a great weekend with our grandson and great grandbaby. As busy as it's been, I did manage to get a little painting in and some sketching ideas. Just wanted to share some pics.

The guys caught fish on their outing. They got them cleaned and following in the Stimpson foot steps, Noah broke in the new garage with out first fish fry. He breaded and fried to perfection, with grandpa watching over. He did an excellent job and with cornbread muffins and applesauce, we stuffed ourselves. Way to go Noah.
Those Stimpson guys no how to cook. PaPa even let his little sweetheart check out their catch. The first time she's ever seen a fish. Of course she wanted to touch it, but g-grammy jumped in to set her straight. Yucky yucky yucky. LOL
I got my other little needle holder painted. They are so little and now Brenda, from Brens Busy Hands blog (brensbusyhands.blogspot.com)and I each have one. She is so busy truck traveling I'll have to leave it on her doorstep.

Well, I hope everyone has a wonderful week, we're off to our friend's anniversary picnic. Until later, :) P


Bren said...

I love the pics!! What fun you all must have had. And Miss M is getting so bigggggg.
I love the little needle cases!!! Omgosh too cute. You are so talented Miss Painter you!
Hugs, Bren

Tammy said...

Fun pics, lol. Your needlecases are awesome!