Jun 21, 2009

Halloween Is Haunting Me

I just can't shake the witchys! They have taken control of my paint brushes and photos. I love it when I'm going with the flow. It's so fun. I'm including some pictures of the ACEOs I'm working on. I am also redoing an old doll I dug out of a bag in my attic. She had no face, but now she does. I'm searching for a witch hat, I really feel she needs one. I started out with a colored pencil technique and then added some paint. Still some things to work on, but she's pretty scary and homely. LOL But, loved. I'm finishing up some candle sticks I started last year. They need to be grunged.
Anyway, I've missed bloggin this busy week. I love each and every comment and email. I love visiting all my creative friends, lot's of new grammy's out there. I'm working on sharing a video with you, maybe later today, when I get the link situated. Until later, keep creating and a happy "BOO" to you. Anyone else getting the Spooky feelings out there? LOL :)P


picture.girl said...

darling stuff. I love it. might as well be working on Halloween, since some of the stores have Christmas out already....jeez

Tammy said...

I'd love to come hang out with you in your studio--you are seriously talented and I love your things. Candlesticks look great even NOT grunged up! Keep up the good work!

Tolentreasures said...

I love all of your Halloween stuff! You are really on a roll!