Jun 27, 2009

Studio Spooks

Came in from the studio for some lunch and to surf our artsy neighborhood. OMGosh ... congratulations to all the new grammys. I'm so excited for you all. I wish I could express all the joy that our quick 7 months have been. They grow like wild fire.
I wanted to share our last few weeks and ask for your prayers. My granddaughter the new graduate has been struggling with a broad range of flu/cold symptoms. Extreme fatigue. Goes to the doctor, antibiotic, things calm down, feels a bit better. Flares up again, throat and mouth hurt to the point loosing sleep, can't eat ... barely can get a straw in her mouth. Doctor again, now refers her to a Ears Nose and Throat doc. He puts her on a steriod pack, antibiotic and pain killers. Suspects, salivary gland stones or tumor. Needs to get the swelling out of the way, for a better result on the scan. Two days of very little relief and doctor orders a CT scan. Yep ... 2 large salivary stones. Have you ever heard of such a thing. They are similar to kidney stones. She is scheduled for surgery Tues. She has finally gotten meds that take the pain down a couple notches and the steriods have helped curtail the swelling, at least enough that she can talk and get more kinds of food down, which has helped tremendously. She has lost a lot of weight and her depression from wondering what was wrong is alot better. Just knowing it can be taken care of and that there is wellness at the end of the tunnel has helped tremendously. She is so brave. This last week we have all felt so hopeless to find out what was wrong. When we googled the diagnosis, we about cried. Ouch! So Tues, slip us all in your prayers, thanks!
I've included a picture of the newest Witchys. Playing, bath time, and new puppies are on the go. A new camera is in order around here, sorry for the blurry pics. I just haven't had time to get one picked out. It's a goal for after Tues. Enjoy the rest of your weekend. :) Until later,P


Brenda said...

My prayers will be with her!

Tolentreasures said...

Oh how scary for your granddaughter. My prayers will be with her.