Jul 19, 2009

Celebrating Good Times

What a wonderful weekend along the Mississippi. Super, fantastic weather temperatures, sun, fun, family and friends. It was a hometown perfect celebration. Dallas City is 150 years old. We celebrated with a parade, car show, boat races, Abe Lincoln, mud volleyball and yard tractor pulls. The hubby was up and out of the house at 5 a.m.today. He was on the committee to help with the pancake breakfast. Me and the poochies stayed in bed. Yesterday he was hooking up the p.a. system for the parade judges and then unhooking and setting up for Abe's speech. He and his friend Kerry decorated the D.U. float and he was in the parade holding our sleepy lil' princess of joy. She made it until the end and fell asleep in his arms as they waited there turn to get turned around. There was a church service for everyone and muscle and show cars started arriving. There was a very nice side show of motorscycles too. We hadn't had boat races in DC since 1989. There was a tremendous turnout all weekend for our celebration. Last night we had a huge gathering breaking in our first deck party. It was so fun. A few pictures. Double click to enlarge. Thanks for dropping by. Until later, :) P

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