Jul 21, 2009

Whatcha' Working On July 22?

I'm working on another canvas board. This is a smaller one, 5x7. I really enjoy working on these altered art pieces. I'm going to make some changes to this one, and I have to drill holes to hang. I'm going to use a wide piece of satin ribbon (grunged a little). I am also getting photos and paper and things together to work on more Halloween witchys. I love little witchys. I need to get some things posted on ebay. I've been really slack on that because of orders and

Linda at "Blue Eyed Girl" in the UK is taking a class from Susi Blu. She is doing awesome female faces. These are a little more realistic than the outsider folkart style of the Les Petites. Check out her talent, this gal can do anything in the altered art world. She is always trying new things, and is such an inspiration. http://lindavincent.blogspot.com/ Enjoy!
Well, I can't wait to get in the studio this weekend. The Hub is working overtime so, I plan to get my chores done early and create something, hopefully some thingS. LOL Go on...get going, create something. Hug, :) P


Tammy said...

Great piece! Isn't it awesome when the house is quiet (and clean) and you can just relax and create?!! Love that!

Tolentreasures said...

I love this also. I actually sealed a canvas the other day to try something like this. My husband is heading on a bike weekend with the guys Friday AM so I am all about leftovers and stay at home and paint, until my little boys arrive Saturday evening for a sleepover. Have a great weekend!

Linda said...

Thank you for mentioning me Pammyjo - I feel honoured!
Your canvas board is so lovely...I can just imagine it with the ribbon. Gorgeous!
Linda ♥