Jul 25, 2009

Mixed Media Witchy

Well, my first little witchys are on ebay. I've been busy in the studio today. It was a beautiul day, so I helped with some yard work just to enjoy the outdoors. I'm a great weed eater. LOL I have lot's of things ready for ebay and hope to list some more things tomorrow.
QUESTION: What the heck happened to followers. Blogger must have made another change and I hate it. None of them appear. I noticed on other peoples blogs to. Anyone know the scoop?
There are some awesome prim artists on this blog "To Dwell In Primitive Times"-http://www.tdiptmercantile.com/ I love visiting, talent is everywhere on there. Give it a go. You'll see what I mean.
I got my latest issue of Artful Blogging. Another super issue. I don't know how Sommerset turns out so many quality magazines. They are wonderful. You learn interesting things and visit interesting people's blogs. Most are pretty expensive, but worth every penny. They share other artist's techniques and types of art. It doesn't get any better. A must have for my studio. Well, back to creating! :) Until later.


Tolentreasures said...

Those are so cute! Good Luck with them. My followers are still there on my page, but I don't see yours.


Tammy said...

Your witchy's are FABU! Check your page setup and maybe you just have to add the follower widget again---it shouldn't be too hard to fix! I love the Somerset publications too and am waiting anxiously for the "Holidays" one they put out every year. Is the Artful Blogging still the "white" issue or is there a new one? I agree--expensive, but a real quality magazine (art book, really!)

Viola said...

These are fabulous, Pammyjo! As usual! :o) Have a nice sunday!