Jul 1, 2009

Thank You

Surgery was yesterday morning at 6A and all went well. Today my daughter took Tay in at 1P to have the drain removed. They removed T's whole gland and the two stones were rather large. Actually about the size of pieces of corn. IIIICCCKKKK. We have a picture of them though. LOL The scar is about 2.5 inches and there was no damage to her mouth or face. We are so pleased. She might have some numbness for up to a year as the nerves in her jaw heal, but it will be much better than what she has been feeling. She is very sore and bruised, but starting to eat already..... she was STARVING. I have to add, that on her way to the doctor appointment today, she had lunch with her ol' gram. I had to tease her about her short sleeve top and a scarf around her neck. Giggle. So not her. LOL But it fashionably hid her drain tube.
I'm so thankful for your friendship and prayers. Praise God. Blessings and a hug, :)!

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Tolentreasures said...

So glad that the surgery went well. They heal so well when they are young! She'll be fine in no time at all!