Jul 8, 2009

Whatcha' Working On?

I'm working on a larger canvas board. Just trying something new to me. Layered backgrounds from a tutorial on line. It was so fun. Just gluing paper, adding gesso and painting, rubbing some ink. I have painted a girl playing with lightening bugs.She is so facinated with them, she sat her dolly by the tree. I have aways to go yet, but it's so fun. I have words to add and embellishments. Just playing. Leave me a comments, you know I love it. What do you think? Until later, keep creating. :) P


picture.girl said...

ummm....darling. I think Mar needs a canvas in her room here at her nana's..... love it.

Tolentreasures said...

I love it! Where is the link to that? I have the perfect project for that! How creative...love lightening bugs...or as the boys would say "not lightening bugs, Gramma, fireflies!"
Can't wait to see it finished.


Viola said...

Lovely work, PammyJo! :o)

Tami said...

This is so adorable....love it!!