Jul 6, 2009

The Pooping Pig ...Giggle

Just a few pics from my Hub's company picnic. We took the grandkids, because they always have nice things for them to do. Why Miss M was bit small, she loved the petting zoo. She loves animals. I followed them around with wipes and hand sanitizer. I'm such a worrier. It wasn't the cleanest petting zoo, but she was so excited and Uncle Noah picked up alot of the animals for a closer look. He did get a hold of the baby pig and it pooped on him. LOL. Gramdpa washed the few spots off his shirt in the bathroom a little air dry and we were good to go. We were all laughing so hard, and taking care of the clean up, we forgot to take a picture. A missed Kodak moment. LOL.



Hi Pammyjo- gave me a good giggle with your poopie pig story!! Thank you for your good "wishes" and good "vibes"...grandbabies are the best aren't they!!! XO, Judy

Lesley said...

Hi Pammy Jo, I finally came over to view your blog. You came to visit me and left a lovely comment about my ATC's.
I am not a follower too :)
Blessings to you.