Aug 4, 2009

More Witchy Boos

Two Witchys await guests for the All Hallows Eve Ball. LOL Don't they look rather royal. My ebay offerings are disappearing quickly, so I've been dedicating some evenings in the studio too. Usually it's just weekends, but I have to keep up.
Before you know it, Halloween will be here. I feel like I'm bursting with my little seasonal scenarios. I want to be creating but life keeps getting in the way. I sometimes think it's helpful. Because when I get into the studio, art just pours out. LOL. A couple Christmas Pixies have been peeking around out there too. Hmmm!
Has anyone signed on to Twitter yet. I'm kind of curious about what all the fuss is. I didn't keep up very well with Facebook and in fact deleted myself off. It just wasn't as fun as blogging for me. If you stop by, share your thoughts about it. Thanks. Keep creating, hugs, :) P


Tolentreasures said...

I am NOT going to try Twitter, I am not going to try Twitter! I keep telling myself that. Facebook takes up too much of my time and I need to cut that tie. The fact that I have no cell phone service makes staying away from Twitter so much easier. I love all of you Halloween pieces. How big are they and what surface are they on?


Tammy said...

I really don't have time for Twittering. No cell phone and blogging takes alot of time already. I do follow Adam Lambert though--well, just because I love him. Your new Witchys look awesome. Another great job!