Aug 10, 2009

Studio Starved

Well I haven't got to spend to much time in my studio this last week. I have gotten some items done, but I have ideas rambling around in my head, and I feel like I want to create. I recently received some new antique photos I purchased on Ebay. They are wonderful early snapshots. Now I want to get them into an art piece. My new little "Boo" doll has arrived. Another darling find from
I couldn't resist this little darling. I think it will be a darling decoration for Miss M's room at Nana's house, sitting by a little pumpkin. copy and paste this webby address and you visit a really neat group "Kindred Sisters Gathering Post".
Well, I'm going to get some secretary work for my husband done, and hit the sack early with my new issue of "Where Women Create". It is the neatest magazine.
I have to get one of my art cards off to a friend, we are doing a swap. So tomorrow night I hope to package some recent ebay sales and the art card I pick for a gift. Then I can get them all in the mail. Have a creative enjoyable week. :) P

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Tammy said...

You have great taste because she is perfectly adorable!! I love it!