Sep 20, 2009

Fun Night at the Fiesta

We headed to Ft. Madison Iowa just across the river for some great food at the Mexican Fiesta Friday night. It's been going on for as long as I can remember. While we don't go every year, it seemed to have drawn a huge crowd this year. Probably because it was a gorgeous evening and the food was outstanding. It is a lot of local people sharing their recipes in tacos, enchilada, burritos and tons of other offerings. We tend to go to the same places. We usually have to stand in line for quite some time, as they are just Mom & Pop operations and make it when you order. DELICIOUS!!! You know the popular great places by the length of the line by their establishment.
Yesterday, the hub and I cleaned up around the garage did some caulking, painted the exposed cement blocks so it now looks completely finished on the outside. I'm stiff as a board this morning. I'm doing some stretching, a few domestic chores and then ... to the studio. Some straightening and then hopefully the Christmas pixies or something creative will come out and play. Have a great ending to your weekend. :) P

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