Sep 6, 2009

MO Get Away

Well, we're back from a couple relaxing days at our place in Missouri. It's nothing elaborate, the guys use the old house as a camp for waterfowl hunting mostly. But it's fun and we branch out to little towns and villages around different counties. This time we ventured down to the Black water and Arrow Rock areas. It's along the Missouri river and quite a bit of history about Lewis and Clark. We stop and browse any antique or flea market we find. This trip didn't include many stops for that. We were a little disappointed by enjoyed ourselves anyway. My Hub is being goofy with his crazy sense of humor. He's looking over the huge horse weeds at the Missouri river valley scene. However, as you can see the state park isn't doing well at keeping up with mowing. We both loved the dog that laid in the back tailgate all afternoon in the middle of town. For some reason, this old hound like us and napped while we shopped. LOL
I'm including some pics of an earlier find and also some items my daughter got me. I've never gotten a picture of to share, so now I did.

This little vintage step stool I'm going to paint for my bathroom, so our little Boo can reach when she gets bigger. I'm trying to come up with an inspiration, I'm not on to one yet, but it will hit eventually. LOL
I did pick up several more old photos for my art, I still have to get them scanned, then into one of my little Witchy Boo ACEOs. Well ... keep me pumped with all your great comments and emails. I'm off to make my rounds to my fav blogs. I want to get some finishing touches done on some more Ebay items, everything I'm putting up is selling and it's so fun. You meet really special people. So tomorrow will be in the studio, Yippeeee!!!! Keep creating ... :) P

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Tammy said...

I can't wait to see your new creations! Put on some great Halloween music tomorrow for crafting in your studio to put you in the mood! That's what I do, lol! It works! Sounds like you had a great trip-neat little find!