Sep 10, 2009

New Witchy Boo

This scarey little Boo, waits for the darkness. Then the porch lights go on and it's "TRICK-r-TREAT!! Isn't she a cute little spooky. She's one of my current postings on e-bay. Boy the Halloween items have exploded on there. It's so fun to see everybodies neat art work.
I'm laughing to myself, thinking about the crazy postings I read at Tolentreasures. Cathy, is so me. Her sense of humor is great, and she's great at sharing her thoughts. I swear she is comical enough to write a book. Check it out when you get a chance at
Also, Christi I got your box of treasures sent off after work. Thanks so much. I'm sure all those little "Boos" will love living in California. LOL
We have another busy weekend coming up, but I'll squeeze in some artsy time.


Tammy said...

She's FABU PammyJo! Are you doing these on cardstock or woodboard or something else? They look great.

Viola said...

Gorgeous, PammyJo!