Oct 7, 2009

The Final 25 Cent Piece

I had so much playing with this piece. I tried a one step Deco Arts Crackle on this and then antiqued it. I'm in love with this crackle medium and won't switch again. So super easy. Anyway ... this is it, and the witch will turn into my kitchen witch after Halloween. Mr. Wonderful won't know what to do with two witches in his kitchen. LOL

I knew my friend Bren would love it. She's crazy about Halloween too. Maybe it can be a hand me down some day. She brought me the most darling real tiny pumpkins from New York. White and orange. Wee jacks. I'm going to paint them for us. I'll post soon. Watcha' Working On hasn't happened today. I'll be starting something new this weekend though. Until then, xxx P


Bren said...

It is fabulous, but then anything you paint is!!! Can't wait to see the little pumpkins, too cute.
Hugs, Bren

Lesley said...

Pammy Jo, this is wonderful, what a transformation all for the rediculous price of .25c . This will look nice in your kitchen. You do lovely word too PrimGirl

JaNs ArTy AtC JouRneY said...

I was blog hopping when I came across your blog.
You make some lovely art!!
I love that saltbox house in a previous post!
Jan x