Oct 12, 2009

Painting On a Witch's Boot

Wow! What a busy weekend. I had my little princess of joy for two nights. Grandpa was in Missouri getting ready for opening goose season, Mommy and Nana were enjoying Chicago with friends and their kids. So ... we played, ate, slept and I wouldn't trade a weekend like that for all the money in China. She is getting to the busy age, crawl, a few steps, in the cupboards, bottom drawers, cardboard boxes, and she cracks herself up. She giggles at every accomplishment, and loves to make me laugh too. Which she does A LOT!
Anyway, I did get a little painting done. I brought out one of a set of boots I got on Spoon River. Tall black boots. WITCHES BOOTS. Well that's what I turned one of them into. I have included some pictures. I need to get some dried flowers or sweet annie to have coming from the top. In my blog hopping I saw one painted with a scene. It was a short (ankle) boot. So ... I had to too. I used a crackle medium and antique gel to tone down the painted scene. I'm really loving crackling. Pictures aren't the greatest, double click for a better look ... sorry!

I'm hoping to get some more playing done yet today. Until later, keep creating your own joy. Hug,P


Tami said...

How adorable!!

picture.girl said...

AWESOME. those are great. you are so creative. Love them.

Cindy said...

Oh my...those are way too cool!

Tammy said...

How awesome is that???!!! Very awesome I say!

Lesley said...

Pammy Jo, this is wonderful.
What a great idea and very creative.
Sounds like Grammy and Sunshine had a good weekend together. :)