Oct 22, 2009

Inspiring Mixed Media Pieces

The flu crept in this week. Uuugghhh! Headache and temperature, sore throat. Sleep, nap, body aches. I hope you can only get it once. Enough is enough. I did get some of my photos sorted on my computer tonight. Decided to post some things I had been working on. I'm so into mixed media on wood right now. I'm going to do some canvas too. I'm loving the painting and gluing and cutting. I just get lost in it. It's wonderful. I hope I feel more enthusiastic now. Leading to the flu, I was crabby, tired, I knew I was but couldn't do anything about it. I felt exhausted. The ole' me is back. Not the crabby me. LOL Actually, my Hub was the lucky one, who had to endure my grumpys. He's a trooper.

I have a couple more in the works, and hope to share more this weekend. It was a very rainy, gloomy day, but...that's OK. I hope to get out of the house tomorrow. I feel like a caged bird.
Keep creating something ... anything. Hug, P

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