Nov 16, 2009

I Love Art - He Loves Waterfowl Hunting

I forgot to post the pic of my hunters. They live for Waterfowl seasons. Now I don't understand the fun of getting up before daylight, dressing in layer upon layer of warm underwear, laying in the middle of a field in a lay down blind, or hanging out watching the sky from a cold blind, or cooking in the same on a propane cook stove. Brrrr! But ... it make him happy, so I say go have fun. Just like he does me, when I'm in a artsy fartsy mood.(His words not mine.) LOL This is them in the warmer early season this year.
Well, I got up early to get an hour in the studio this morning. Had to get some items varnished. They are drying as a type. I wanted to base coat some canvas' for a super fun project I'm doing for Miss Sunshines room. I have to stop and get a bigger one or two after work. I have a mixed media ideas brewing. Giggle! Well, have a fun creative week, until later, hug P.

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Lesley said...

Good Morning PJ
Thanks for dropping by to view my button fairies and inchies. The fairies are so addicting. You should try them. I can post a link to a quick tut if you like.
Keep creating girlie. We should do a trade sometime. Love your altered work.