Nov 14, 2009

Progressive Pretties

Just a quick post on my progress. I'm done with these two pages and I'm off to decorate my princess of joys new bedroom. I have two bigger canvas' to do, curtains and so forth. So, no doodling today. We are hoping to make good progress and then get going on her play room curtains and straighten and make room for her birthday party next Friday. We're positive from family members and friends she is going to need playroom space. LOL She is so loved and well ... we hate to admit, spoiled. She doesn't seem to realize it, so we can probably keep it up for another year or so. She's very easy going and really takes everything in stride. It's all the people around her that thinks she has to have every little darling thing. Giggle! She is a huge fan of hardboard books. She spends a lot of time browsing through them like she's 6 or 7. Very darling to watch. Well, best get myself together and head out. It's going to be so fun. Until later, hug ... P


Sherry Goodloe said...

Hi Pammy Jo! Thanks for stopping by :) Well, you may be NEW to Zentangle, but you are sure doing some fabulous work here. Now I'm REALLY looking forward to going to the class at my friend's home next Saturday!

Kimmie said...

you have very pretty zentangles :)
thank you for your ice comment about mine :)
Have a lovely day :)