Nov 9, 2009

On our way to Des Moines we stopped and shopped in Pella Iowa. It was really fun and darling little art shops and yuuuummmyy bakeries. We were litterly sore from laughing at each other. But, mostly they laugh there behinds off at me. They find me very entertaining for some reason. LOL I got some Christmas presents and we were on the road again. We all did an awesome job of getting our lists whittled down. I can honestly say I'm 90% done with great buys from the weekend. We shopped from morning until the stores closed and then the next day we went again and then headed for a mall outlet on the way to Iowa City. I can't wait to wrap and decorate now.
I'm seriously thinking of putting up my tree and decorating before Thanksgiving. Our family and friends come here for Thanksgiving and we go to my daughters for Christmas, so I think I should be decorated as a thanks for the complete season. That way I get to enjoy it longer. When you work, you only have evenings to absorb this wonderful time of year.
Also including a new picture of my family. They are all great and I love them all to the moon and back.
Well ... I'm off to my favorite spot to play, and hopefully create something fun. I picked up Kelli Rae Roberts book and I've been loving the inspiring read. Better get a copy or see more on our Facebook walls. She rocks creative!!!!!

And ... please remember my granddaughter Tay in your prayers. She has H1N1 and is miserable. Our princess of Joy hasn't seen her mom for 3 days. It's awful. Our little sweet stayed with her Auntie Tammy and her girls while we were away. She didn't miss us at all, her Papa picked her up and they were waiting for us when we were unloading the car. The whole neighborhood could hear her from the porch. "NAAANNNAA!!! LOL Amazing how those tiny little bodies can produce such a loud voice. LOL
Have a great creative week, Hug P


Bren said...

Are you home for the day getting to create?? Enjoy your day!
Hugs, Bren

picture.girl said...

glad you get my fam pictures posted before me.... i need to get caught up... I am drowning...and I forgot how busy 11 month olds are. I need to sleep for a week now.

Tolentreasures said...

Congrats on your shopping. Great family pic, hope that your little bundle of joy is feeling better soon.