Nov 13, 2009

Doodling Zentangles

I have found the most fun, addictive doodling. On Melange or MLB Studio these are Ning social sites, where all kinds of artists and creative people interact. Anyway, I saw a link about Zentangles so I clicked on it and away I went to the land of Zentangles. Now I know there are serious methods of relaxation, healing and so forth that surround this art form, but I totally love it and you can do it anywhere. Google it in images and you will be totally surprised by the number of awesome doodles. I'm doodling and I keep a notebook handy, because it stirs all these creative ideas while you're doodling. Then you are more productive. The pictured doodles are in my art journal, the first is just my first attempt, I'm still doodling on, will post when finished. The other two were from prompts. One was nature, so I did a flower because it was easy. The other prompt was object. My coffee cup was sitting by me. So ... Just a fun simple, yet intricate way to have fun. I'm a full blown fan now. Actually the first attempt reminds me of the psychadelic days. Giggle. I like the zentangles from prompts better. LOL
Have fun creative rest of the week. Hug, P


Tolentreasures said...

I love these. I better not try it. I might not get anything done! They look like so much fun.


cherapple said...

I love you zentangles! Where do you find the prompts? (Thanks for visiting my site, too.)

ArtistUnplugged said...

First time to the zentangles!