Dec 6, 2009

Mixed Media Mood

I'm getting alot finished up this weekend. I had to drop studio time to take care of Tay and her little bundle of darlingness. They both have horrible colds and neither had had much sleep. They came over for a little grammy spoiling time. We had something to eat, Tay got a 4 hour nap, while darlingness and I kept busy. Whew...busy in capital letters. She was a little crabby, but after some whispers and rocking, she got in a two hour stuffy nose nap. Later in the eve they headed back across the bridge and Nana was going to love on them awhile.

I'm almost finished with my Christmas tag orders and I have an almost completed project for a friend done. Huge dome shaped flower pots that fit in some really eat stands. The stand is iron and looks like twigs ad leaves. A friends husband is having me paint the pots more to their colors for there deck. Kind of fun. Except heavy. I have also played with some mixed media pieces for a swap.

Why can't I flip pictures in blogger. Argghh!
Well, hope you have a wonderful rest of the weekend. Hoping you get to create. Hug, P

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