Dec 8, 2009

Almost Done with Art Tags

I remembered to take a picture of what I thought was the end of art tags for this year. I love making these, especially when they are for friends and coworkers and their families. These were a challenge for me because the foil paper Kelly W wanted me to use would then match her wrapping. I should have asked you guys for tips on working with foil, but I made it through. My usual adhesives didn't work the way I wanted, but my Golden mediums made all turn out for the best. I may even use more foil in the future.

Most importantly ... Kelly loved them.
I better get busy, a few more things left to accomplish before Christmas. I need to make a bag for the blocks I made several posts ago. I have them complete with their final coat of sealer. Keep the creative juices flowing. Until later - hug, P


Lesley said...

Hi Pammy Jo, wow these are darling.
The recipients will really cherish these on their packages, I know I would. They are keepers for sure.
Love visiting, you always create something a little different. Keep it up girlie.
Lesley xo

Diane said...

Hi Pammy Jo! I found your blog through Milliande's ning group. I really like your blog and art,and I'm looking forward to following it! Diane

Tolentreasures said...

These are adorable. They remind me of the ornaments that I started last year and did not get finished. Where did I put those pictures? Great job! I love your doodling also. Your baby is so cute. We (me and the grandkids) are down with colds also, tis the season.