Jan 21, 2010

My Lost Week

I've had a cold from you know where. It's awful. I swear my ribs are broken from coughing. I'm tired of winter, dreary grey bleak days. It seems so doom and gloomy. So I decided to post some eye candy. I plan on dropping in to get a breath of fresh air at my favorite blog stops. I am turning on the red pink black white valentine colors in my life. Not sure what will come of my mood, but maybe something. I'm going to do some valentine looksy and hopefully be inspired. Have a great rest of the week.
Below is a couple items. I bought a pre-made bag at Hob Lobby and started doodling with a mandala. I used fine line fabric permanent markers. It worked really easily and well. Now I'm working on a bag to match. Until later, Hugs P


Diane said...

Wonderful!!! Hope you feel better soon:)

Karen Owen said...

Fabulous! I sure do hope you feel better soon.