Jan 27, 2010

Please Send Sun, My Muse is Drowning

I haven't been slacking off ... well maybe a little. I hope this weekend to get into my creative space. I think the dreary weather has drowned my muse. :) Anybody else feeling the glooms. Anway, I'm still here and a few ideas are rumbling around in my head. Send me some creative vibes. Until later, P


Tami said...

Sending creative hugs your way...it is gloomy here too. I try to do a little creating once a week...but I never seem to complete them....I get so far on them then I get stuck....so aside they go to try again later.

Karen Owen said...

We've had lots of gloomy weather too, although today is a pretty, sunny day, but still cold. I've actually been more creative lately, which is a good thing since last year my creativity went "poof"! Hope your creative spark returns soon.

Ophelia said...

We are stuck inside in snowy, icey, North Carolina, and I had such high hopes of creating the days away...just haven't gotten there yet!!

Linda said...

Hello ...from a very cold England.
I would send you some creative vibes if I had any Pammyjo :-)
I'm sure things are going to improve soon though....Spring is on its way!!
Love the little sign - great quote.
Linda x

Catherine said...

Hi Pammy Jo, Thanks for posting your thoughts! Love your Friendship piece! What a wonderful sentiment!

Yes, the lack of sunshine is so difficult this time of year. I took several months "off"... pretty sure the winter had something to do with that! Sending those muse-y vibes and wishes for lots of sunshine your way... Thanks so much for joining in the Party!