Jan 12, 2010

Special Little Bits of Art

Aren't these darling, I got them on Ebay late last Fall. They are more darling in person, and they hang in my studio. They are my teeny tiny muses. I just love them. I don't remember now, who the artists were. But, they are very creative. Just a tiny bit of of whimsical sparkle to spark my imagination.
My week has been very busy so far. I have gotten some sketching done, I want to make some mixed media angels on canvas or board. So I'm seeing what I want to go with. I'm really enjoying the Art Journal uploads at Milliande. Very creative gals out there and journals are interesting me more and more. I haven't decided whether to share mine yet. LOL Well, just wanted to add some eye candy. Hope you're having a week with a little sparkle. Until later, Hug P


Tami said...

Adorable....love that the little girl looks like she is sitting on the edge of a garden! Looking forward to seeing what you are working on Pam, I always adore your work!! Have a great week!

Hugs ~ T

Tammy said...

I'm a huge fan of your stuff--these two are no exception! How adorable!