Nov 22, 2010

Craft Fair Pics

My pictures didn't turn out very good. But, I was lucky to get these. As soon as 8 a.m. rolled around we were steadily busy at the craft sale the entire day. I was pleased with the outcome. It was a lot faster leaving than setting up. I was blessed to sell a lot of items. Yeah! It was an interesting day, saw many people I haven't seen for quite some time. That's always a joy. The sale itself was held in the lobby of a medical office building. It was a nice open bright area. The day flew by. I feel truly blessed. Happy Thanksgiving to all, enjoy the holiday. :) Hug, P


Tami said...

Happy for you sweetie! Happy Thanksgiving!! Hugs~Tami

Diane said...

What a very fun display. I love that painted suitcase,and I'm so glad that your fair was a success!
Happy Thanksgiving!

Cynthia Eloise said...

congrats, glad the sale went well for you. happy thanksgiving.