Mar 21, 2008

It's Early and Quiet

I feel a lot better today. My husband is still struggling with flu symptoms. He has had a horrible case of this latest monster.

In the quiet this morning I'm trying to get my muse to make an appearance. It is a bit early for her, but I love this cozy, computer, coffee, fluffy slippers kind of morning. In the back of my mind the Easter dinner menu keeps popping up. So ... I'll get that out of the way early, so I can concentrate on my creative thoughts.

One of my creative thoughts is redoing and cleaning and organizing my studio. I BELIEVE it is going to be my creative, inspiring spot again. I have it done on paper. Now the work! Uuugghh! is always a wonderful feeling to go through things, kind of like a new beginning. That part I like. I'm even going to paint and change the look of my space. It's very white now. So it's like a blank canvas. I'm going to get some ideas from my daughter. She is extremely inventive when it comes to organization and decorating. It is not a huge area, but I need to go back to it. It is just several steps from the house. I've over taken the house again, mainly a corner of the kitchen. While he never says anything, I know my husband the chef would like more room. Giggle!

Have a blessed Easter,


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picture.girl said...

Great idea. I hope you do redo the studio, it needs it. Good for you!!!!