Jun 9, 2008

Fall Is Stuck In My Studio

Boo! Fall didn't leave this weekend. She's stuck around. I'm experimenting with bigger altered art. Today has been so fun. Jenny, what do ya think? She is about 10" tall and I plan to use in combination with another object. So far so good, thanks for the inspiration you sent me. Isn't it the best vintage image? She's so cool. I've had her awhile, and just haven't done anything. She just jumped out at me.
The weather has been a bit gloomy today, but I just cranked up the jazz and kept creating. LOL
My husband is dealing with rising water at our cabin on the Mississippi. Preparing for the second flood of our ground this year. Yuck! We've had so much rain, and all the rain up north is now arriving here.
Well, I'm heading back to the studio with some more ideas. At least a start.
Thanks, fellow bloggers for the emails of support and compliments, it really means alot to me.

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