Jun 8, 2008

Fall Popped In at the Studio

I had this little urge to jump ahead to fall yesterday. A very favorite time of year for me. I have included in this post the project that emerged from these thoughts. A very proper witch. Just a sneak peek at what I'm conjuring up for Fall ACEOs. I've jotted down my ideas and just experimenting with new challenges, thanks to my fellow bloggers. LOL
I included tissue paper for an eery ghostly try. Since this was a first attempt, I was pleased, but know I'll do better. It was really fun tho.
My pattern and wool came yesterday. I'm so excited. It is a lot bigger table runner than I realized. So I'm going to search for a smaller project as a starter. All the colors have me on creative overload. They are beautiful, and more is on the way.
Lil' side post: Linda, Loma Linda, California - your ACEOs are on their way. Enjoy and thank you.

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picture.girl said...

darling. I can't wait until Fall.