Jun 7, 2008

I've Got Air

Yep, I have air conditioning. Yippee! Now I can create in cool quiet comfort. Giggle! While the nice breezes were great, the last couple days were pretty warm out there. So ... my husband went and got just the perfect size. He spoils me.

Ok Ok ... I'm back to my ACEOs. I have been enjoying the stitching so, I'm going back and forth.

I'm just doing some cute things for me, but will keep up my little pieces of art. I think it does something magical to take off on a creative whim in another direction. Then you are more inspired when you come back to your other pieces.
So ... after a few chores, I'll be back in my cool, comfy studio for some straightening, cleaning, and producing. I'm addicted to it. LOLO
More later,


picture.girl said...

thanks. you are a great blogger too. i love your header. you need to fix the comment thing though, I never know if you get them.... love ya

Karen Owen said...

That's such a sweet ATC! Enjoy your comfy studio.