Jun 12, 2008

Party On

Holy monkeys what an evening.
We partied for Ellie and Chloe's 1st B-day. My daughters family got a boxer dog last year for Skip's birthday and my granddaughters friend McKala's dog was born the same day. So they had 6 or seven canine friends over and their familes. Really it was just an excuse to get together for a cook out. It turned into a cook in. LOL It was lot's of fun. Bowser sang happy birthday with us, his bassett hound howling instincts took over Giggle. We were laughing our butts off. What a fun group of goof-balls we are. It's fun being together. The key lime pie dip with scooby doo grahm crackers was a hit. Way to go Bran, delicious.

They are sand bagging here in town, down by the park. There is a strong possibility it may get a few houses, but they are doing there best to keep things under control. Without the sand bags it would definitly not be good for our friends Chris and Kerry.

We are saying our prayers for friends and family around the Cedar Rapids area. Things are horrible up there and could remain unpleasant for quite some time. I'm sure you've seen the news by now. Stay safe.

Until later,


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