Jul 28, 2008

More of Flood '08

Well, they have opened some of Hwy. 34. We can cross from Iowa to Illinois at Burlington (where we work). But the road that takes us to 34 is still closed. So we are going through Ft. Madison bridge.

This picture is looking west from Gulfport, Illinois area.

We had a very busy weekend, our grandson visiting. We always have fun though, he's so funny, witty and goofy. We had a local hunt club picnic. Delicious picnic food, chicken and fresh fish. There were raffles and drawings. Noah won a gun case for his Red Ryder and a nice frisbee. Gram and Gramps didn't win a darn thing. LOL

I have some Halloween pieces going, but have some finishing up to do. I was going to work on them last evening, but, a terrible storm blew up and we had a few hours of heavy rain and strong straight line winds. 2 trees in our neighborhood went down. We lost power, so I went to bed with a flash light and read for awhile. The power came back on in the middle of the night, everything we left on went back up at once. I didn't realize it, but my husband was up closing windows and turning off appliances and TV. LOL I must have been zonked. Ooops!

These are my little "Boo" sisters, they are up for auction on Ebay. I think they are precious, but something about them says Double Bubble, Toil and Trouble. I bet in their time ... they got away with a lot of nonsense. LOL


LisaLectura*creations said...

Hi Pammy Jo! Thanks for coming to visit! I love your Halloween creations! My Halloween spirit has been constantly flying in my studio as well. Once you create one, you just can't stop, even though it is only the end of July! LOL! Creative blessings, Lisa :)

wendy vecchi said...

Thanks so much for the blog comment! You made my day!
Love the art here. It's VERY NICE & VERY well done!
What a sweet studio!
Make ART!